Added Benefits


STABILITY:                   Multi-Branch 77 Year Old Distributor
Experience:                    A Management Team Consisting of 4 
                   members with over 168 years of floor
                   covering experience, supporting a team
                   of Specialized Sales people, who are
                   experts in their fields.
Products:                   "The Very Best" nationally known brand names.
Pricing:                       Competitive pricing on all products.
Delivery:                     Service you can depend on with merchandise
                     arriving in good condition. No freight claims.
Phone:                     800 number phone service. 1-800-333-7353
Email:                      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fax:                        800 Fax Service 1800-727-7353
Voicemail:                       Your Salesperson is just minutes away when 
                        you call 1-800-688-7353 or 316-267-0500
Claims:                         Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction.
Education:                          Training on all products.
Customer Service Dept.                          Phone,Fax, or Email. Focused on 
                         Customer Satisfaction.
Inventory Accurate                           When Customer Service tell you We have
                           it. We have it.
Credit Dept.                            Sales and Customer Focused.
Return Policy:                            HASSLE FREE!